Dr. Simpler has been so lucky to share her learnings with a few publications. See the below list of Dr. Simpler's recent media coverage:

Calming Influences - Nutrient Rich Foods Fight Underlying Cause of Disease

USA Today - Best Years Fall/Winter 2014

Read about the anti-inflammatory properties of different foods. "You can feed the bacteria that increase inflammation or you can feed the bacteria that produce chemicals that reduce inflammation, depending on which foods you eat. Change the foods you eat, and you change the bacteria in just three or four days." Click here for PDF

Match the Pain Reliever to the Pain

Mommies Playground By Stacey Colino

"You may be a pro multitasker, but few can juggle work, family and other responsibilities when in physical pain. And with so many people relying on you, you don’t have time to get sidelined by a headache or other aches and pains. You just need relief." Read full article

Fleshing Out the Truth About Nutrition and Wellness

With so much information out there about diet and nutrition, how do we wade through it so we can eat to live, and live well! Listen to Podcast

Straight talk on holiday weight control

If you think 30 minutes of exercise will burn through the sweet potato pie, Mercy Medical Center's Dana Simpler has news for you, along with weight control methods that really do work. Watch Video Clip