Dr. Dana S. Simpler is a board certified Internist with over 25 years experience in Primary Care/Internal Medicine.  Dr. Simpler has a Masters in Physiology from Georgetown University and completed her Medical Degree at University of Maryland.  She has always had an interest in nutrition and exercise to help her patients get well with little or no medication. In 2011, Dr. Simpler became part of a growing number of medical practitioners who are using  Plant Based Nutrition to prevent and reverse many common medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer.  In addition to her private practice, Dr. Simpler sponsors community health conferences and corporate wellness programs, including the CHIP program, CHIPHealth.com.

Dr. Simpler's Vision

I have been in private practice for over 2 decades and have seen the devastating health consequences of the standard american diet (SAD).  What I now know is that many of my patients who have died from heart disease, diabetes or cancer would have likely never gotten sick - if only they had followed a plant based diet.

I now counsel my patients on how they can reverse their medical problems with proper diet and exercise. It is such a joy to see people who are suffering with diabetes or heart disease GET BETTER and come off of medication. This spurs me on to spread medical nutrition education to the public, through group seminars and workplace interventions.  This dietary intervention is lifesaving for individuals and can help reduce insurance costs to companies. A Whole Food Plant Based diet can help YOU.